YM2612 VST Release! (V 0.9)

Download: http://www.wonthelp.info/YM2612VST.zip (V 0.9)

What the hell is it?

This is a VST that uses code which emulates the sound chip found inside of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive systems. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing currently without actually circuit bending a Genesis. If you don’t know/care what a Genesis is, this VST is basically a 4 operator FM synth.

What can I do with it?

You can load it up in any music editor that supports VST instrument plugins, and use it to compose chip tunes, create FM sound effects, etc. If you want to do old school arcade style chip tunes this is your plugin right here.


– Full control over almost every aspect of an emulated YM2612

– Midi automation support, right-click any control and select “Midi Learn” to make it listen for a midi signal to latch on to

– A large collection of presets I’ve snaked from various Genesis games

– Both Plus GX and Gens sound cores are implemented, you can switch back and forth between whichever suits you

– Early support allowing 6 instruments through one VST, allowing you to limit yourself to one chip for authenticity

– Channel 3 special button for creating sound effects like beefy FM explosions and what not (Disable all channels but channel 3 when this is on)




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